Test and Train Your Reaction Speed with Reaction

Test and Train Your Reaction Speed with Reaction

Do you always catch the ball or keys if someone throws it at you, or is the object more likely to fall to the ground? Whether you fall in the first or second camp has to do – among other things – with your reaction speed.

How can you test and train that? Reaction has a solution for that.

Reaction training

With the summer approaching, you might want to play a nice game of badminton. Whether you can beat the other players depends, among other things, on your reaction speed to their actions. If you don’t respond until the shuttle is heading your way, you are probably too late to take a successful action to surprise the competition. With Reaction training you can work on the reaction speed of your brain. Reaction contains 29 challenging games that will test your speed.

After opening Reaction you will automatically be taken to the 29 games that the app contains. At the top you will find a gear behind which the settings of the app are placed. Via these settings you can, among other things, adjust the theme of the app and you can set how often you should repeat a (game) training. By default this is set to five times, but if you prefer to play a shorter game, you can adjust this downwards. A final setting of Reaction is to enable or disable the app’s notifications.

The app is very easy to use and briefly explains how it works for each game. For example, in the first game of Reaction you can test your reaction speed with changing colors on the screen. Once you have played the game, you will see if you passed the test or if you were slower than it took to pass the level. After playing you immediately get a chance to repeat the game; In the long term, you should be able to improve your reaction speed with this app, and within the 29 games.

Types of games

Responding to color changes is a relatively easy game. Not every game is that easy – for example, there are games in which you have to solve math questions as quickly as possible or that appeal to your visual memory. Reaction uses levels that you have to play in order to try out the next level in the game. As long as you do not react quickly enough to a color that is visible on the screen, you will not get to the next level. If you really do not manage to reach the required level for the next level, you can unlock it with advertisements.

So while it can be difficult to get to the next level, it is not impossible. That makes the game fun to play. My reaction speed remains poor, so I am still at the first level for the time being. In any case, it will not get boring, and you train yourself again with it. Two birds with one stone, so.

Download Reaction

Reaction is free to use, no Pro version is offered. The app does contain advertisements in certain places. We have to disappoint iOS users with this App of the Week – the app is not available on iOS. You can install it on all Android phones via the Google Play Store.