Wombo is big hit: make your selfies sing with entertaining app

Wombo is big hit: make your selfies sing with entertaining app

An entertaining app that is high in the charts at the moment is the app Wombo. With this app you can sing selfies (and other photos), using AI.


You may have already seen the results of the Wombo app on Facebook or Instagram, for example. The popularity of this application has grown rapidly in a short time. But what exactly can you do with Wombo?

Wombo uses artificial intelligence for a deepfake movie. This is a video that is not real, but everything is set in motion by means of artificial intelligence with a lot of software. Apart from a lot of humor, this can also have far-reaching consequences. You can bring humor into your home with the Wombo app.

Faces are moved by means of this app to the music. The effect of Wombo is therefore very simple. You take a selfie, or you upload a photo from the gallery you took earlier. You can then choose one of the tens of tracks from the list of tracks. Of course you can also upload a photo of someone else and get started with it. Sometimes it is terrifying how real the video looks, although at some point you will see that it is clearly not real. During the making of the video you will see a short commercial, after which you can view the video, save it and possibly share it.


An important aspect is privacy. According to the developer of Wombo, privacy is taken very seriously. Data is deleted and is not shared with third parties. To prevent it from looking too real, the developers have chosen not to make it too realistic on purpose.