Daily Yoga for Android

Daily Yoga for Android

Daily Yoga-the app contains videos with yoga exercises, dynamic sessions, and other tools for a full-fledged yoga class on your own. With this app, you can burn fat, lose weight, get in shape, or just calm down.

To use this app, you must log in to it using your Google or Facebook account or register a new account. After that, the user can choose a training program: for beginners, to support health, lose weight, gain muscle tone, and others. You don’t have to choose the suggested programs and do it at your own discretion.

In the main window of the program at the top there is a button for the main menu and daily gifts – the user selects a card that shows how many coins he won. To get them, you need to view the ad, and then the user receives this virtual money.

The user’s class schedule is shown below, along with recommended courses, which indicate the purpose of the course and the required level of the student. Below are buttons for adding exercises and a private yoga plan.

By entering the course, you can find information about it and the schedule of classes. You can also add a course to your favorites and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp. The schedule shows the exercises for the day, their duration and the number of calories spent.

Next to each day, there is a button for playing videos with exercises. after clicking on it, the video with the exercise is loaded.

At the bottom of the program window is a panel with sections:

  • home – main section;
  • courses – list of courses with different goals;
  • community-social network;
  • profile – information about the user and their training sessions;
  • unlock-purchase the paid version.

The Community tab contains recent articles written by other users of the program. You can comment on articles, mark them as unread, add them to favorites, and share them.

Daily Yoga app Daily yoga for Android:

  • yoga courses in different directions;
  • exercise videos;
  • social network where you can add friends;
  • detailed graph of user activity;
  • virtual coach;
  • tracking the amount of water you drink.