English with Wordwide for Android

English with Wordwide for Android

English with Wordwide: the best app (6+) – the app allows you to effectively learn English-the developers took into account all the difficulties of learning the language by Russian-speaking users. The program contains 6 exercises and 3000 most frequently used words of the English language. The program is suitable for children.

After the first launch, the program will ask the user to choose their level of knowledge of the language: I learn from scratch, I remember a little, I communicate with difficulty, almost fluently. After selecting a level, the user goes to the lessons window, where the virtual assistant will give hints.

To familiarize the user with the program interface, a hand will appear on the screen that will point to the desired window elements. To start, the user will need to learn 10 words of English. These words will appear on the screen with transcription and voice acting. At the bottom, you can choose to hide the translation of a word and show only the Russian version.

At the very bottom of the window is the “Learn a word” button, clicking on it, the user scrolls through the word and gets acquainted with the next one. At the top is a line with other variants of words that you can choose to study.

After this lesson, there will be another one where words in English will appear and you will need to choose a translation. After completing all the lessons, the goal of the day is achieved.

In the lower panel of the program, you can find the following items:

  • progress-learning outcomes;
  • achievements – achievements of various categories;
  • lessons-schedule and topics of classes;
  • dictionary – a set of words that the user can select.

There is also a main menu with the following sections:

  • account – you can reset your progress here;
  • schedule and goals-set up a training schedule;
  • notification settings;
  • the choice of difficulty;
  • promo code;
  • the theme and font;
  • frequently asked question;
  • write to us;
  • leave a review;
  • usage rules;
  • privacy policy.

In the Progress section, the user can view the progress schedule, study days on the calendar, and what topics they studied on what days.

In the section with the achievements there are achievements for the number of words by subject, grade and inter national system.

In the lessons, you can choose a topic to study, in the dictionary to choose the words you are studying.

Learn English with Wordwide:

  • several degrees of complexity;
  • ability to create your own dictionary;
  • detailed information on progress;
  • achievement system.

To install the program for learning English, you need to download this application to your Android.