Health Gadgets You Must Keep Handy At Home In COVID Times

Health Gadgets You Must Keep Handy At Home In COVID Times

COVID-19 cases are rising, at this point in time what the most important thing to keep in mind? Keep basic medical gadgets handy. Here are some of these gadgets that you can keep at home.

Experts have said that one should keep a close check on the three most important health parameters: your oxygen level, your body’s temperature, and your heart health. Any abnormality in these three parameters may help you detect early infection of coronavirus.

Given the current situation of the hospitals, as most of them are running out of beds and oxygen supply, it is important to keep yourself well equipped at home to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms. Also, keeping medical equipment available at home can help you avoid any serious health situation before it is too late. Here are some medical gadgets that one must keep at home (handy) to beat the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.


One of the most important medical health gadgets that everyone should have at home right now is an oximeter.

What is the right oxygen level and when to seek medical interventions? Before answering this, let’s understand what exactly is oxygen saturation? Oxygen saturation refers to the percentage of oxygenated haemoglobin in the blood of a person transported from the lungs to various other organs of the body. This is a vital functioning for the body’s survival. Now, that you know what and why oxygen saturation is important, here is what is considered normal oxygen saturation. A person is considered healthy when the oxygen level is above 94 (between 94-100). If your oxygen level is below 91, it can be considered as a warning sign that your health is degrading and this is the time when one should seek medical help.


Another important health gadget that you should keep handy is a blood pressure monitor. Now, what is it, and how to use it? An automatic blood pressure monitor is easily available in the markets these days. This gadget will help you measure your blood pressure instantly. Why do you need to check your blood pressure? Experts have stated that an acute dip in the blood pressure can detect infection of novel coronavirus. This means if your blood pressure is low than normal then there are chances of you contracting a COVID-19 infection.

What is the normal blood pressure for an adult? A normal blood pressure level is less than 120/80 mmHg. So, keep one of the blood pressure monitors ready at your home especially during the COVID times.

Amid the present health crisis in the country, keeping a gadget that can help you keep a track of your heart rate is very important. A portable personal ECG monitor is easily available in the market these days. All you need to do is to connect the gadget with your smartphone and monitor your heart functioning. What is the normal heartbeat rate? Let’s understand.

A normal resting heart rate should be anywhere between 60 100 beats per minute. However, it can vary when your body is not in a resting mode. But a sudden spike in the heartbeat rate can be a cause of worry and maybe a symptom that you are infected with the novel coronavirus. According to a recent study, many COVID-19 positive patients had a cardiac issue that led to heart dysfunction and arrhythmias.