Twobird Makes a To-do List from Your Email Inbox

Twobird Makes a To-do List from Your Email Inbox

Android is getting more and more email services claiming to fix a problem. The focus is often on prioritizing e-mails or marking newsletters. Twobird takes a slightly different approach – on the one hand, the service gives priority to e-mails, and on the other it makes a to-do list of your inbox.


Choosing the best email application on Android is a chore. If you’re not satisfied with Gmail or the email app that your phone manufacturer provides, you’ll end up in a Google Play Store jungle of email applications. The vast majority of apps only provide the basics and can therefore show and send emails. Other apps, such as Spark email or Outlook, provide the segment they serve with a more comprehensive feature set. Twobird “builds on that” and not only offers a priority inbox, but also lets you create notes. With Twobird you say goodbye to other to-do apps.

Set up Twobird

A first drawback you may encounter when you set up Twobird is that the service only supports Gmail and Outlook. Support for inboxes from your telecom provider, for example, seems to be lacking for the time being. If you use Outlook or Gmail, you can get started with Twobird right away. Setting up the mail application is the same as you are used to with other services – first you log in, and then Twobird shows the most important functions of the app in three screens.

After you have logged in to Twobird, you can still adjust a few things in the settings menu. Normally, the swipe action is set to Archive, for example, while you may prefer to delete emails directly from the inbox. Via the settings menu you can also change the theme of the app, or set the type of e-mails from which the app sends notifications. Finally, you can set whether Twobird can bundle e-mails with a low (er) priority in a separate inbox folder.

Making notes in Twobird

After Twobird has been set up, the app basically works the same as other mail applications. All emails with a standard or high priority can be found in the inbox. By opening the hamburger menu, it is possible to view emails with a low (er) priority. As indicated earlier, if this method of bundling is not desired, you can also switch this off via the settings menu. E-mails that ended up in my low-priority inbox were mainly newsletters, or the more important e-mails from a long time ago that I no longer actively read.

When we return to the inbox, we see two buttons at the bottom right. If you click on the icon with the plus in it, you will end up in the window of the to-do list. By default you make a note in Twobird, but it is also possible to create a task list and link a date to the tasks to be completed. When something needs to be completed, this is also at the top of your inbox in Twobird.

Twobird also displays scheduled appointments at the top of the inbox. You do not have to indicate this yourself in Twobird – the application automatically collects appointments from the e-mails. What the app can also relieve the user of is the unsubscribe of newsletters. This is useful as soon as you use Twobird for longer. With regular use, the app keeps an eye on whether you open an e-mail that is seen as a newsletter or not. For newsletters that you do not or hardly open, the Unsubscribe tab will eventually be offered to unsubscribe.

Install Twobird

Twobird is completely free to use and – at least for now – does not offer any subscriptions to upgrade your inbox. All functions together, it is a very complete e-mail application that is very pleasant to handle in daily use and sends timely notifications.