Samsung Lets You Use Your Old Phone as a Smart Home Product

Samsung Lets You Use Your Old Phone as a Smart Home Product

Samsung has come up with a new destination for your old Galaxy smartphones. You can use them as a light or sound sensor.

For example, your phone warns against strange noises or controls your smart lamps when it gets dark.

Old telephone as a smarthome

The name ‘smartphone’ says it all, of course. Even if you exchange your phone for a newer and better one, it still remains a very handy and smart thing. It would therefore be a shame not to use it at all, Samsung must have thought. Soon you can use your phone as a smart home device that offers added value in your home.

Samsung lets you use your old phone as a smart home product

Your phone has a microphone and that is why it can pick up sounds in the house when you are away. If there is anything strange, you will be notified. There is also a light meter for the automatic brightness of devices, but you can also use it to measure when a room is too dark. Then automatically activate your smart lamps in the room. There are even more uses for your old phone, as it can also serve as a baby monitor or a way to keep an eye on things when your pets are home alone.

This way, you can optimally charge your phone’s battery for a long lifespan Samsung also comes with optimizations for the battery life of your old smartphone. Your phone only has one small task, which is why it should be able to work much more efficiently.


The new features are part of Samsung’s Galaxy Upcycling at Home program, Sammobile knows that. Only devices from the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Z series that are from 2018 or later will work with the new functions for the time being. Samsung is currently testing the novelties in a select number of countries, but later it should be available to everyone in the SmartThings app and the ‘SmartThings Lab’ section.