Samsung Galaxy S10 may be ready to include an in-display fingerprint scanner

Samsung Galaxy S10 may be ready to include an in-display fingerprint scanner

Leaks have suggested Samsung has been developing an in-display fingerprint sensor over the last few years, and a new report says it will be ready for next year’s Galaxy S10.

Vivo and Huawei both have products on the market that include in-display fingerprint sensors, and ETNews is reporting that Samsung may feel pressured to join them.

Citing industry sources, the site claims the company will be ready to include the technology on the Samsung Galaxy S10 despite being nervous of including the tech in the past.

The report also suggests Samsung Display is making the Super AMOLED display element while Qualcomm will include an ultrasonic solution to allow for the scanner inside.

That’s different to have Vivo achieves it with an optical solution.

Coming next year

It seems the scanner won’t be ready for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which is expected to launch in either August or September this year.

In-display fingerprint sensor technology has been a long time coming as it needs to be both accurate and speedy, which is something both Huawei and Vivo have seemed to think is now possible as they’ve included it on consumer-ready phones.

Huawei’s Porsche Design Mate RS included an in-display fingerprint sensor, but it also included a normal scanner as well to ensure you’ve got a secure way of unlocking your phone.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S10, we expect to hear about it in the first quarter of 2018 with a late February or early March launch, considering that will be a year after the Samsung Galaxy S9’s release.