Memrise – an App that Teaches You Languages ​​Thanks to the Locals

Memrise – an App that Teaches You Languages ​​Thanks to the Locals

If you want to learn a new language, it is best to remember the new words if they are taught in a fun way. Memrise is an app that lets you learn directly from the locals and immediately gives you a touch of culture.

The app is available for free and you can unlock extras with a subscription.


In your spare time it can be useful to learn an extra language. It is not only an enrichment, but it can also really come in handy if, for example, you are planning a trip to the country in question. Memrise is an app that helps more than 50 million people learn new languages, and the app aims to do that in a pleasant way and with the necessary repetitions.

First of all, you choose a language to learn and then you start to learn new words. The app then tests you regularly so that you learn the pronunciation and recognize it in writing. As your lessons progress, you will also see educational videos of locals teaching you new words and local pronunciations. Memrise has a total of 30,000 such films. The app also includes simple games to make learning more fun.

Repeat smartly

Repetition is an important aspect when learning a new language because the information has to move from your short-term memory to long-term memory. The app will therefore test you every day for five minutes and you can set a reminder for this yourself so that you receive a notification at an appropriate time. In the settings you can also choose on which days you want to receive such a notification, how many new words you want to learn each time and what an assessment should look like. So you learn at your own pace.

The great thing is that you can use Memrise via both the app and the website, and you take your account with you everywhere. The videos of locals are only accessible to paying users and the same applies to the more advanced lessons. You can also use courses offline in this way. To unlock the Pro version, you can take an annual subscription of 34.99 euros, so you pay 2.92 euros per month.