Lose weight in 30 days for Android

Lose weight in 30 days for Android

Fitness plan 30 days — physical exercises that can be performed at home. The training plan is developed by professional fitness trainers and is aimed at improving your fitness and health. Put aside all doubts and embark on the path leading to health and beauty.

Classes are planned in such a way that the intensity of training gradually increases, taking into account the characteristics of the body. So you will be comfortable enough to maintain your rhythm and improve it in your daily life.

It is commendable to monitor your health and form. But it is important that the exercises were as effective as possible. This virtual fitness trainer will develop an effective and detailed plan for achieving results for you personally. By applying the app and throwing away your laziness and fear, you can improve your fitness and lose weight.

Now you can control your physical condition and you don’t need to spend money on expensive gym subscriptions or a personal trainer. You can get everything for free, you do not need to pull iron and perform a lot of strength exercises. Moreover, such overly heavy exercises are not suitable for many people for health reasons.

Start performing exercises only with your own body weight. In the app, there are hints that will indicate the correct execution technique. Fitness plan — a quality program that contains all the necessary tips and exercises to get your body in shape.

Key features of the 30 day Fitness plan on Android:

  • creating a monthly training plan;
  • exercises with your own body weight;
  • share your results via social networks.toils;
  • vivid video guide for performing exercises;
  • a variety of exercises for home;
  • recording process and achievements;
  • three levels from beginners to pros;
  • instructions for implementation;
  • scientific information about proper nutrition;
  • reminder system.