iFit Sleep HR: Up Your Sleep Game in 2020 With This Clever Little Device

iFit Sleep HR: Up Your Sleep Game in 2020 With This Clever Little Device
  • If you’re looking to understand your sleep quality better in 2020, then this device is for you
  • The iFit Sleep HR monitors your heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep cycle and identifies any sleep issues you may have
  • It’s currently on sale, for £129, down from £149

If you’re hoping to understand your sleep quality better in 2020, then you may have downloaded a tracking app to your phone, or be wearing a fitness tracker to bed. But, handy as these solutions can be, there’s also inherent issues.

Like: snoozing with your phone in bed with you (not exactly conducive to nixing after dark Insta scrolls) and the discomfort of spending the night with something strapped to you.

Which is why WH are all about the e iFit sleep HR. A 7 inch disc that connects to your smartphone via an app, it can be nestled under your pillow before sending all of your data over to your device, for you to inspect, come the AM. Bonus: it’s currently on sale, down to £129 from £149.

The cool thing is that iFit Sleep HR’s tech tracks more than just how long you sleep. It digs deeper to track the quality of your rest by monitoring your heart and respiratory rate, along with your nightly patterns.

The device also tracks your breathing patterns to make you aware of sleep problems, like excessive snoring or sleep apnea, that could be preventing you from a good night’s slumber.

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It also gives you a rounded picture of your sleep patterns, including how long it took you to fall asleep, how many times you woke up, and your total sleep time.

Plus, the built in ‘FreshWake’ alarm uses a sensor that will look for the lightest part of your sleep cycle to wake you.

[Tip: For the best results place the sensor under your mattress, around the area where your outer shoulder will rest]