GTA V Sells 90 Million Units, 15 Million in 2017 Alone: Take-Two

GTA V Sells 90 Million Units, 15 Million in 2017 Alone: Take-Two

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) publisher Take-Two announced that the game has sold over 90 million units worldwide with it’s multiplayer component, GTA Online, being the largest driver of consumer expenditure in the last quarter. GTA Online will see more content updates in the months to come.

This means that GTA V sold 15 million units in 2017 alone. Not too shabby for a game that originally released in 2013. To put it into perspective, Star Wars Battlefront 2 sold seven million units and that was below publisher EA’s expectations.

“Looking at the numbers, and accounting for the PS3, 360 and PC versions, we can roughly say that more than one in three PS4 and XB1 [Xbox One] owners have a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5. The game is a must buy with a current gen console purchase,” tweeted industry analyst Daniel Ahmad.

“We are expecting another record year for Grand Theft Auto Online,” Take-Two Chief Executive Strauss Zelnick said on an earnings call. “Everything is going better than expected and we do have pretty high expectations.”

The company reported net income of $25.1 million (around Rs. 160 crore), or 21 cents per share, in third quarter ended Dec. 31, compared with a loss of $29.8 million (roughly Rs. 190 crore), or 33 cents per share, a year earlier. Take-Two said it had a net benefit of $11.9 million (approximately Rs. 77 crore) in the latest quarter from the overhaul of the US tax code.

With Red Dead Redemption 2 due later in the year, things seem to be looking up for Take-Two. More so considering that it will ship with an online component that appears to be as robust as what we’ve seen with GTA Online.