Clubhouse app released for Android

Clubhouse app released for Android

Clubhouse has been a hit in Apple’s App Store for weeks. After the app had already appeared for the iPhone, it is also available for Android. What do you need to know about it?

Clubhouse for Android

Clubhouse is now also available for Android. The application makes it possible to get in touch with others in a different way. The application was tested for the first time among a small group of users, now you can download it from the Google Play Store.

With the Clubhouse app you can talk to others. Literally. You can think of it as a cafe you step into. You can then listen in on conversations and possibly also participate in the discussion if you wish. Not only can you participate in other chat rooms, but you can also start your own chat room. Conversations take place at that time and cannot be listened to at a later time.

Clubhouse functionality was also recently added to chat app Telegram. Other services have a similar function under development or have already been rolled out.

Although the Clubhouse app for Android can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store, it is not ready to use yet. You can only log in to the app if you have an invite. You can, however, put yourself on a waiting list and register your username in advance.