Balanced: Popular Meditation App Available for Android

Balanced: Popular Meditation App Available for Android

A new meditation app has been released in the Google Play Store. With Balanced, a popular app on iOS, you can reduce your stress, improve your mood, sleep better and improve your focus.

Balanced for Android

The name Balanced is not a new name for Apple iOS, but it is for Android. The meditation app is now available (as early access) in the Google Play Store. As indicated above, you can get started with the app for your sleep, stress, focus and mood. When using for the first time, you first fill in some information, including why you experience stress and you can adjust certain other settings.

In Balanced, a personal plan is drawn up that you can use to get started. You will be guided through the assignments. Think of an assignment where you work with your breathing, but a walk can also do you good. Certain commands are spoken, and this is in the English language.

In the navigation bar at “Today” you get the “tasks” that you can perform today. If desired, you can also receive a reminder via a notification. Under “Plans” you can view new tasks, sorted by category. You can also get started with your sleep via options in the navigation bar and you can start individual tasks without having to start an entire process.

At the moment Balanced: Meditation & Sleep is in a beta phase. The first year is completely free. After that, you pay $ 69.99 per year, which equates to approximately 59.20 euros. Optionally, you can immediately stop this via the Google Play Store in the sidebar at “Subscriptions” so that you will not be faced with costs.