Apple Sells Cloth That Cleans Its Devices For $19

Apple Sells Cloth That Cleans Its Devices For $19

Imagine cleaning your Apple gadgets with a piece of normal fabric and then still seeing some stains and marks after that.

 Apple apparently aware of the hassle its users have to go through to clean the company’s litany of devices has finally developed a new way out.

A branded Apple cloth!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Apple has today in its hardware unveiling event released its official piece of polishing cloth that will be used to clean its products in addition to its new MacBook Pros, the M1 Pro and Max chips, and third-generation AirPods .

The cloth to be sold at $19 contains unspecified nonabrasive materials and would be available for purchase separately from other released hardware at today’s event.

Although it not clear how the cloth, adorned with the Apple logo will be different from a typical microfiber, the company’s assurance that the cloth will effectively remove all dirt’s from Apple’s gadgets is a reason for many buyers to give it a ‘purchase try’.

Apple which had in the past recommended the use of “soft, lint-free cloth” while avoiding “abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels, or similar items” when cleaning Apple devices, it has now come out with its own made solution to gadgets cleaning.

Talk about looking out for your customers or simply making profit from every consumer need?

Well, one of the two may apply or the both having to suffice.

The corresponding reviews of the teeming Apple products users on the cloths as days goes by will determine the public perception of the new product.

Apple on the the cloth’s product page, says it can clean the displays and nano-texture glass on any Apple device and this of course has a compatibility list.

This may be akin to a polishing cloth that’s required to clean the pricey nano-texture Pro Display XDR, with the fibre actually coming with the Pro Display XDR.  Parting with $6,000 is apparently the financial obligation of a customer of he or she want a single piece of cloth included in the purchase.

So it appears that the $19 piece of fibre is worth the buy if one is using a Pro Display XDR. The new MacBook Pro models comes with Pro Display XDR and for users willing to pay USD 1,999 for a professional MacBook, it won’t be bad to add a USD 19 piece of cloth to protect the display from unwanted scratches and micro scratches.

There is an inclined thinking that the microfibre material should be able to clean not just Apple products but any device , even a Car.