Apple iPhone 13 mini vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: Which Is the Best Compact Flagship Smartphone?

Apple iPhone 13 mini vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: Which Is the Best Compact Flagship Smartphone?

Compact smartphones are a rare breed these days as companies generally tend to focus on large displays since that’s what’s in greater demand. However, I still think there is a market for small phones, or devices like the iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini wouldn’t exist. This got me thinking – what is the best compact smartphone in the Indian market today? Looking around, we only really have two worthy contenders, the Apple iPhone 13 mini and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Both are flagship-equivalent offerings from their respective companies and even though their target audiences are a bit different, they meet the main criteria for today’s comparison perfectly. Some other options such as the Google Pixel 4a are also, technically, great compact phones but we’re looking for the absolute best, so our focus is only on flagship offerings.

Pricing and variants

Most of us typically have a budget in mind before we set out to buy a new phone. Interestingly, the iPhone 13 mini and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 are similarly priced in India. Neither is cheap by any means, but then again, high prices are to be expected in flagship territory. The iPhone 13 mini starts at Rs. 69,900 with 128GB of storage, and goes up to Rs. 79,900 for 256GB and Rs. 99,900 for 512GB.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 on the other hand is priced at Rs. 84,999 for the 128GB variant and Rs. 88,999 if you want 256GB. You get 8GB of RAM across both variants of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, while the iPhone 13 mini has 4GB of RAM. On paper, the iPhone might look like it’s at a big disadvantage but you have to remember that the two phones run on very different software platforms, so the amount of RAM is not nearly as important on an iPhone as on an Android phone.

In terms of pure value, the iPhone 13 mini takes the lead as it costs less than the corresponding Galaxy Z Flip 3 variant. Apple also has a 512GB option, which is nice considering neither phone has expandable storage. The iPhone 13 mini scores another point for the variety of colours it’s available in; five in total, compared to just two for the Galaxy Z Flip 3.
Design and comfort

In terms of sheer engineering prowess there’s no beating the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, but if I were to judge both phones purely on how small and compact they are, then I’d call it a tie. You’ll have no trouble keeping either the iPhone 13 mini or the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 in a shirt or trouser pocket. Both are very comfortable to hold, and both are built with premium materials such as glass and aluminium.

The iPhone 13 mini is fairly slim, measuring 7.65mm in thickness and is incredibly light at just 140g. It’s not as small as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (when folded) but it’s enough to not be a bother when you’re out and about.